B2B Business Campaigns

B2B Marketing Programs

103 – that’s what separates B2B from B2C. Large scale B2B markets to hundreds
of thousands of target customers; B2C targets hundreds of millions.

In addition to the 1000:1 difference in scale, B2C typically enjoys three steps from stimulus to purchase. B2B is normally much more complex and involves dozens of steps from marketing inputs to purchase.

In the B2B space, we have vague and imprecise information. We measure very small samples. How small? The baseline response on a campaign is 1/10th of 1 percent. If we sent 10,000 messages, we can get as few as 10 responses. But, with the right models, we can overcome the 1000:1 gap. The ‘B2B Marketing Checklist’ shows what is needed to market like the big boys in B2C.

B2B Marketing Checklist

  • Methods to truly randomize A|B testing
  • Systems to measure responses & timing
  • Solutions for program reproducibility
  • Models to adjust the Mean Results
  • Filters to remove Cyclical Patterning
  • Entropy enhancement for programs
  • Workflows for Nurture Rentry
  • Workflows to deliver Results to Sales