Our new San Francisco Office

We Moved!

In 2017, we signed new long term contracts with two major high-technology companies. Both contracts require a level of physical data security which necessitated a move to a highly secure location. Most very secure locations are pretty dull. After a long search, we found a wonderful location at the old Commercial Union Assurance building in San Francisco, California. Like our former offices at 50 California Street, the new location is in the heart of San Francisco’s Financial District.

The new location has both renaissance revival good looks and a physical security level that meets all of our contractual commitments. As a bonus, the view from our windows includes the beautiful Russ Building, long recognized as one of San Francisco’s best designed pre-skyscraper constructs. I have fond memories of very late nights during two prior IPOs where the many drafts of the S-1 were written and re-written in the Russ Building.

After 10 years at 50 California, moving was a terrible experience. But the new neighborhood has better coffee options, so everyone is happy. Given the difficulty of getting foreign visitors through security into the building, we tend to hold court 300 meters away at Cafe Claude when we need a place to meet. Alas, I am afraid my real office is seat 11D on an airline trip between customers. But it is always a pleasure to spend time in downtown San Francisco.

With that preamble:
Lever10 Inc announces a change of address in San Francisco, please update your records.

Lever10 Inc
315 Montgomery Street, Suite 800
San Francisco, California, 94014
United States

Headquarters Phone: +1 888 503 4129

Email: Corporate [at] Lever10 [dot] com