Lever10 Team


founder, mathematician, chief scientist,  veteran of multiple public companies, startups and technology initiatives.  member acm, ieee, several math societies. and ceo. smart enough to hire sim and pitor.

Sim   (Simonell)

sim is head of operations in hyderabad india.  she has several university degrees and knows marketo and pardot at an expert level (as well as most other marketing automation platforms). smarter than pitor, but don't tell.


phd applied maths from m.v. lomonosov moscow state university.  expert in computational methods.  matlab, r, octave, fotran, c, python. also head of math team at lever10.


steve has more than 25 years of high-tech business experience as an officer in public and private companies. business relationship expert, customer advocate, industry leader, and win-win protagonist. steve is vice president business operations.


salesforce, data management, reporting, email audits, business transaction audits, data normalization, industry research - and singing.


sara is a key member of our customer success team. , fluent in several languages, multi-year experience with agency client support. part task watcher, part escalation expert, part project manager, helping customers get projects completed and problems solved.


maria is also a key member of our customer success team. , fluent in several languages (notice the pattern here?). part task watcher, part escalation expert, part project manager, helping customers get projects completed and problems solved.


sc.d degree university of vienna in mathematics and computer engineering. contributor to more than 20 open source math projects. scala, occam, c++, java, r, matlab. likes fast computers with gpu arrays.

math gnomes

four phds, three masters sci, 2 fellowships and a partridge in a pear tree.  we are the mighty math gnomes who do the real work at lever10. we let pitor think he is the smart one. we prefer go to chess.


creative director, artist, visual impact expert, and arbiter of good taste. in a group full of mathematicians and computer people, stands out as able to wearing matching colors and comb her hair. does great artwork.


it backends, data management, pardot, marketo, ux web code, salesforce, mysql, php, css. bs/cs collaboration of computer, programming,d esigning and logistic frame with human interaction. melody works on high priority automation projects.


scientific computing, computational maths coding, python, numpy, golang, fortran. master sci in math + information theory. prefers code-based solutions to platform (avoids matlab). writes highly parallel fortran code 12 times faster than cern code. beats vlad at chess.


jan is our longest tenure customer success team member. keeping the data flowing to clients, making sure the account-base-marketing is up to date for customers, data research, special projects and has many more skills.


symbolic maths, king of polynomials, curve fitting, analog to digital, signal methods on large data sets. vladimir gets to tackle the coding problems that are key to predictive modules for our largest customers. and beats pitor at chess sometimes.

Salesforce Team

hanimireddy has more than a decade of deep salesforce deveoper experience. he and his team of salesforce admins, coders, data experts and api experts are responsible for keeping customer's crms up and running with custom additions.


project manager in silicon valley. has multiple degrees, studied in the us and europe. specializes in international product sales, data-driven marketing operations, and leveraging the talents of multinational agile teams. gets things done, and travels.

Scrum teams

salesforce, pardot, eloqua, marketo, erp, sap, oracle, marketing cloud, data normalization, golang, python, perl, web code, mathematica, qa, template building, server standup - we are the extended lever10 scrum members. on demand, on time, tested and proven.

Lever10 Culture

Across our team, there are almost as many different native languages as there are team members. Very few team members share the same time zone. We live on Slack, and we all use English as our glue language.

We use everything from Uberconference to Google Hangouts and Skype for mini-meetings.

Culture: The easiest way to be invited to leave the team is to be unkind to other team members or especially to clients. While we work in the business data domain, it often feels like a medical emergency room at work. Everything seems to be urgent; the client company's health often depends upon our work products. The platforms from which we extract data are often undocumented. Who would think working for a math-based business analytics company is so stressful?

But, we love the clients and the work. Unlike the mathematics of oil refining for example or war-making, this is a clean industry and our clients are trying to make the world a better place with their products. We are here to help them succeed.