Robotic Process Automation - RPA

The Lever10 technical team has been delivering complex, cross-system ETL since 2008. As customer requirements have evolved, we have observed a large gap in the capabilities of standard ETL technology and the destination platforms. The ETL tools gap is seen when we need to use Machine Learning (ML) in the Transform stages, the need for which increases daily. On the platform side, systems such as HubSpot or Adobe Marketing Cloud (Marketo) typically cannot even add two numbers, much less show a Mean or Median of a value set.

ETL technology lacks an AI/ML set of tools

Starting in 2019, and growing rapidly since, the Lever10 team has been developing AI/ML Robots to provide a combination of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and Intelligent Transform for data from multiple sources to multiple destination platforms. Learn more at

Lever10 RPA Robots for Intelligence Transform

The Robots are delivered as AI/ML engines, normally written in Go or Python, and added to a customer's marketing fabric to greatly enhance the ability of the overall sales and marketing technology mix. We have had to add new team members to keep up with demand.

The Role of AI/ML Robots in Customer Data:

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